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Thanks to all who participated in the National Homebrew Club Nationals 2023.

There were 209 entries judged and 141 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stGearoid BegganMethuselah The Rummy17B: Old AleCapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndManu Diez GarridoDream Of A Better Land27A: Historical BeerCapital Brewers [Ireland]
3rdRossa O NeillSmells Like Me Auld Jockstrap 23D: LambicCapital Brewers [Ireland]

Winning Entries

Table 1: Pale Lager (9 entries)

1stMick MolloyFestbier4B: FestbierRoyal County Brewers [Ireland]
2ndVygintas MarkauskasFern Leaf Standard 1B: American Lager
3rdDaragh Mullarkey
Co-Brewer: Emma Mullarkey & Stuart Duffy
Tepid Lager4A: Munich Helles

Table 2: Pilsner + Kolsch (8 entries)

1stColin BoltonGerman Lite 5A: German LeichtbierGarden County Homebrew Club [Ireland]
2ndSean WardCzech Lager3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerCapital Brewers [Ireland]
3rdChristopher MooreCastleback5D: German PilsLimerick Brewers [Ireland]

Table 3: Amber Lager (10 entries)

1stChristopher MooreLife On Märzen6A: MärzenLimerick Brewers [Ireland]
2ndAre SteffensenRock Me Amadeus7A: Vienna LagerSouth Dublin Brewers [Ireland]
3rdTiago Mendes Gonçalves
Co-Brewer: Lucas Mendes Gonçalves
Vienna Lager7A: Vienna LagerOther

Table 4: Dark Lager (9 entries)

1stOisin BoydellMunich Dunkel8A: Munich DunkelGarden County Homebrew Club [Ireland]
2ndKevin McCleanDark Eyes3D: Czech Dark LagerRoyal County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdPeter ScanlanPeter Scanlan 2C: International Dark LagerLee Valley Homebrew Club [Ireland]

Table 5: German Wheat (9 entries)

1stPaul Gartland
Co-Brewer: Kate Bailey
Dunkelweizen10B: Dunkels WeissbierCapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndMick MolloyWeizenbock - Pale10C: Weizenbock Royal County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdDaragh Mullarkey
Co-Brewer: Emma Mullarkey & Stuart Duffy
Ol' Wheaty10A: Weissbier

Table 6: British Ale (10 entries)

1stGearoid BegganThe Years Have Left Me Bitter11B: Best BitterCapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndJames KeaneBurtsale11B: Best BitterNorth County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdEoin LaytonYou'll Always Be Extra Special To Me...11C: Strong BitterRebel Brewers [Ireland]

Table 7: British Stout (8 entries)

1stJohn ManganDark, Like16D: Foreign Extra StoutRebel Brewers [Ireland]
2ndDavid McHughBlack Fruit Salad16C: Tropical StoutLee Valley Homebrew Club [Ireland]
3rdRichie EnglishRichie English 16A: Sweet StoutNorth County Brewers [Ireland]
HMDerek McKennaMarried Life Milk Stout 16A: Sweet StoutCapital Brewers [Ireland]

Table 8: Irish Stout (8 entries)

1stMichael ElliottMichael Elliott- Irish Extra Stout15C: Irish Extra StoutCapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndMichael ElliottMichael Elliott - Irish Stout15B: Irish StoutCapital Brewers [Ireland]

Table 9: Brown Beer (11 entries)

1stTara PollardDark Amber19C: American Brown AleGarden County Homebrew Club [Ireland]
2ndDamien EnrightBrown Porter13C: English PorterLiffey Brewers [Ireland]
3rdRichard LubellMostly Cloudy13A: Dark MildCapital Brewers [Ireland]

Table 10: Ambers + Reds (9 entries)

1stPat DaltonShredders Castle Ale15A: Irish Red AleKilkenny Homebrew Club [Ireland]
2ndReuben GrayAmber19A: American Amber AleCapital Brewers [Ireland]
3rdFernando Luis ToniIrish Red Ale15A: Irish Red AleGalway Homebrew Club [Ireland]

Table 11: Strong Ales (11 entries)

1stGearoid BegganMethuselah The Rummy17B: Old AleCapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndGearoid BegganImperial Jackie Brown17A: British Strong AleCapital Brewers [Ireland]
3rdAaron MurphyAmerican Barleywine22C: American BarleywineCapital Brewers [Ireland]
HMPatrick HavernThors Hammer 17D: English Barley WineWee County Brewers [Ireland]

Table 12: American Blondes + Pales (11 entries)

1stBrian SlevinThe Last Dasher18B: American Pale AleSouth Central Brewers [Ireland]
2ndUldis LudbarzsAlways On The Tap18B: American Pale AleGarden County Homebrew Club [Ireland]
3rdSteven Mac SweeneySteves Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale

Table 13: American Porter + Stout (12 entries)

1stRoss ChisholmVlad The Imperial 20C: Imperial StoutWee County Brewers [Ireland]
2ndPhil SmailHey Porter20A: American PorterNorth County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdSean WardPorter20A: American PorterCapital Brewers [Ireland]

Table 14: American IPA (12 entries)

1stAaron MurphyNectaron Of The Gods21C: Hazy IPACapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndPatrick HavernHaze In D Sun21C: Hazy IPAWee County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdDaragh Mullarkey
Co-Brewer: Emma Mullarkey & Stuart Duffy
Boomer21A: American IPA
HMLiam McdevittShades Of Grey21A: American IPAMidland Brewers [Ireland]

Table 15: Specialty IPA (12 entries)

1stMartin MeanyThe Last Rye'd21B2: Black IPA Capital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndDiarmuid KavanaghBelgian IPA21B1: Belgian IPA Liffey Brewers [Ireland]
3rdJames KeaneBlackjack21B2: Black IPA North County Brewers [Ireland]

Table 16: Belgian Ale (8 entries)

1stDavid SuitorLockdown24C: Bière de Garde Belfast Homebrew Club [Ireland]
2ndDan McGeeMostly Harmless24B: Belgian Pale AleWee County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdMichael ElliottMichael Elliott- Belgian Golden Strong Ale25C: Belgian Golden Strong AleCapital Brewers [Ireland]
HMAidan CotterWitbier24A: WitbierWee County Brewers [Ireland]

Table 17: Saison (9 entries)

1stPaddy GunnThe Smell Of Hay Off Ya!25B: Saison Wee County Brewers [Ireland]
2ndStephen FaganSaison25B: Saison Wee County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdFernando Luis ToniSaison25B: Saison Galway Homebrew Club [Ireland]

Table 18: Sour + Wild (9 entries)

1stRossa O NeillSmells Like Me Auld Jockstrap 23D: LambicCapital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndRoss O'HaraGose Down Real Nice23G: GoseCapital Brewers [Ireland]
3rdRossa O NeillFlanders Giggidy28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Capital Brewers [Ireland]
HMBarry LongIs Mise Berliner Weisse23A: Berliner WeisseWee County Brewers [Ireland]

Table 19: Trappist (8 entries)

1stDan McGeeTainted Girls And Motel Frills26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleWee County Brewers [Ireland]
2ndBrittany EasonB's Belgian D26B: Belgian DubbelCapital Brewers [Ireland]
3rdFernando Luis ToniDubbel26B: Belgian DubbelGalway Homebrew Club [Ireland]
HMSean WardTripel26C: Belgian TripelCapital Brewers [Ireland]

Table 20: Fruit + Spiced (16 entries)

1stSeosamh ConroyApricot Sour28C: Wild Specialty Beer Galway Homebrew Club [Ireland]
2ndKevin McCleanStout Cake29A: Fruit Beer Royal County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdPhil SmailChocolate Bar30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer North County Brewers [Ireland]
HMTiago Mendes Gonçalves
Co-Brewer: Lucas Mendes Gonçalves
Picumã Vanilla30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Other

Table 21: Specialty (10 entries)

1stManu Diez GarridoDream Of A Better Land27A: Historical Beer Capital Brewers [Ireland]
2ndStephen FaganRye Saison31A: Alternative Grain Beer Wee County Brewers [Ireland]
3rdAaron MurphyBa Imperial Stout33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Capital Brewers [Ireland]